When SCRHL administration cancels a game within 24 hours of it being scheduled, then all officials (Referees & Timekeepers) will still be paid out for their game. 
However, if SCRHL administration cannot find referee and/or timekeeper coverage for a game when there is a referee and/or timekeeper book off within 24 hours before a game, then one past SCRHL game that an official has refereed / time-kept will be deducted from their pay and forwarded to the team captains of the affected game in addition to the pay that they would have received if they had covered the unattended game.  
In other words, each team captain will receive the full amount of a referee / timekeeper's pay ($35 for morning timekeeper, $40 for evening timekeeper, $60 for morning referee, or $70 for evening referee) in compensation for a short-notice book-off (rather than the captains receiving the split pay from the unattended game).  For example, in the event of an evening referee book-off within 24 hours where no replacement referee was found to cover, the home team would receive $70 and the evening team would receive $70. 
If a referee's or timekeeper's absence is due to events considered to be extraordinary (ie:  death in the family, vehicular accident, sickness) based on SCRHL administration discretion, then only the amount paid for the game missed will be split between the two team captains (ie:  half of $60 or half of $70).
The team captains will receive their compensation via e-transfer from the SCRHL administration within 24 hours following the game.  Team captains are expected to share this amount with their teammates (ie:  post-game drinks, pucks, bottles, etc).