Since September 2006, the South Calgary Recreational Hockey League (SCRHL) has provided weekly ice time schedules, qualified referees and timekeepers, a safe playing environment, and Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) liability coverage to players aged 18+ who are interested in playing weekly morning and evening adult recreational hockey in S.E. and S.W. Calgary from Monday to Saturday.


Cardel Rec South Facility (#100, 333 Shawville Blvd S.E.)
Trico Centre Complex (11150 Bonaventure Dr S.E.)
Great Plains Recreation Facility (5749 - 76th Ave S.E.)
Seton Brookfield YMCA Facility (4995 Market St S.E.)


All players are covered under insurance obtained from the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) when they are registered as regulars or spares in the SCRHL.  In addition to regular ice hockey equipment, players must wear some sort of facial protection while on the ice (either a half-shield with mouthguard or a full face cage without mouthguard).  Goalies also cannot wear "cat's eye" masks.  If non-goalie players choose to participate without facial protection or goalies choose to play with "cat's eye" masks, then any facial injury sustained during a SCRHL game will not be covered by CARHA's insurance.  Therefore, players are encouraged to play safe with appropriate facial protection.


Most of the individuals who play in this league are in their early-30's to late-40's, however, all of the players' ages cover a broad range from 18 to 55.  Also, the experience level of the players is rather diverse --  from novice to somewhat experienced.  So, overall, it's definitely more of a senior league, but the caliber of play is still fun and competitive with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.  Basically, the aim of this league is get some exercise, enjoy a game of non-checking hockey without slapshots, make some friends, and have fun in the process before you go to work in the weekday morning or to the pub with your team in the evening.


Regarding the use of your fees, they cover the costs of the following items:

1) Arena ice rentals (40%)
2) Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) player and referee insurance  (5%)
3) Referees and timekeepers (30%)
4) Discounts and promotional items from SCRHL sponsors (0%) - Provided for FREE by sponsors
5) South Calgary Recreational Hockey League (SCRHL) administration (0%) - 100% volunteer management
6) Advertising (14%)
7) Website Hosting (1%)
8) Supplies (ie:  Go-Pro's, SD cards) (5%)
9) Accounting (5%)


If you are interested in playing with the league, please contact the league manager at the following e-mail and/or phone number:

Grant Caswell
League Manager
South Calgary Recreational Hockey League (SCRHL)
Phone: (403) 703-1136